Versace opens new flagship store

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The flagship store opened in December 2020 on Rue Saint Honoré in Paris. It was designed by Gwenael Nicolas from the Japanese agency Curiosity.

The new store concept is an expression of Versace visionary art of creating fashion, a space that becomes the canvas for the collections and Versace’s DNA expression.
The strong feature of the space is a crafted glass ceiling elaborated from Versace’s famous Baroque motif.

Collections are presented by tableaus

The collections are displayed in a series of “tableaux” mindfully placed around the space, sequencing discovery of the different aspects of the brand. As you walk through the arcade, you will encounter series of “life paintings” created by the different collections.

Iconic chandelier leads through the shop

The iconic chandelier crafted in solid glass by master glass maker Vistosi guides the customer throughout the store. The reflections and refractions of the glass confer a magical effect of timeless beauty and excellence.

In a surprised move, the space is created with a very pristine palette of materials: white and grey selection of marble and the fluted walls in different patterns are a reminiscence of Gianni Versace residence, re-interpreted in a neutral manner.

Sculptural stairs

Three floors are connected by sculptural stairs crafted in marble and brass. The large ground floor is dedicated to accessories, the first floor to women’s fashion with a salon for shoes and haute couture, the basement for men’s collection.

Dedicated modern art pieces were commissioned for the store, interpreting the power and the visual magic of iconic Medusa head. The dialogue between classic complements and the modern abstract art is what completes the design concept.



Photos: Alessandra Chemollo