Rocking Fashion Stars 2020

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Domagoj Mrsic, art director and owner of the agency Sayonara Visual Concepts, designs the Christmas shop windows of Jades and Jades Men in Düsseldorf.

Christmas – certainly the most emotional event of the year, full of images, stories and symbolism. Often only a few or even just one of these traditional symbols are enough to immediately evoke the desired associations and feelings in viewers. While other visual merchandisers in 2020 rely on oversized Christmas tree baubles or a combination of baubles, snowflakes and candy canes in their shop windows, Art Director Domagoj Mrsic has chosen to use the star as the central design motif, this year.

“Fashion Stars … Metallic Stars … Neon Stars … Rocking X-MAS … chrome & silver Mannequins”, with these keywords the owner of Sayonara Visual Concepts describes his puristic design, which he has implemented with his usual stylistic confidence in the shop windows of Jades and Jades Men. And so in the run-up to Christmas 2020, different mannequins present the extravagant winter fashion of the Düsseldorf fashion brand, framed by numerous stars in modern variations – sometimes colourful and bright, sometimes shiny and metallic, sometimes intense and neon-lit, but in any case eye-catching


Stores: Jades & Jades Men

Concept/Realisation: Domagoj Mrsic / Sayonara Visual Concepts

Mannequins: Genesis Display

Photos: Uschi Fellner