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The trained visual merchandiser has been working as Head of POS Marketing for Luisa Cerano since April 2020.

“Trends come and go. I think that the world is currently in a state of flux and that many things are going to be rearranged. I think it is less a matter of following every trend than of emotionalising the customers, providing them added value and surprising them in places where they do not expect it,” Eve Trautmann ventures a look into the future. The trained visual merchandiser, who after her training at H&M worked as an area visual merchandiser for Tom Tailor and as Team Lead Global VM for Hugo Boss in Metzingen, among others, personally does not think much of looking too far ahead: “To be honest, I’ll let it all come down to me. Of course I have visions both professionally and privately, but I rarely make concrete plans, because things rarely turn out the way you planned anyway”.

Job change at the beginning of the pandemic

The best example of this thesis: a job change in the middle of a global pandemic. A real challenge for the mother of a little daughter. “If suddenly the regulated process no longer works and you find yourself in a completely new environment where you also have to perform, it’s quite intimidating,” reveals Eve Trautmann, but she also affirms: “Basically, I never let myself be unsettled for long and just go for it. I simply believe that everything comes as it comes and always try to make the best out of every situation. Personally and professionally.”

In the context of the Corona crisis, the new Head of POS Marketing at Luisa Cerano therefore sees above all the opportunity “to question oneself and one’s doings, get rid of nonsense and start a change”. Eve Trautmann says literally: “The pandemic has taught us to pause for a moment and reflect on what is essential. Companies that have understood this will survive or emerge stronger. Companies that carry on as before will eventually disappear. After every crisis there is an upswing, because suddenly new needs, possibilities and ways occur.”

Pause for a moment and rethink the previous processes – an approach which, in Trautmann’s opinion, will also apply to her own work area to a particular extent in the future: “The customer is saturated with too much choice. Everything is available at any time. It is no longer just a matter of buying. It is about the experience, the special, the unique. And about the message behind the product and the company. Our job is to make this visible.”

Tasks of the Head of POS Marketing

The specific tasks of the department manager at Luisa Cerano include above all the overall concept and planning of all POS marketing measures. “The basis for that are current trends, which I find online and offline, as well as international fashion shows and trade fairs. These inspirations are combined in consultation with my most important interfaces – design, marketing and sales – to create a 360° plan for the entire year,” says Eve Trautmann, before she adds: “One of the most important issues for me is to ensure the brand presence at the POS through our VM guidelines and training measures, because the best shop window concept or the best staging of the goods is ineffective if it is not implemented correctly”.

According to Eve Trautmann, the projects she enjoys most are those in which she can impart knowledge and motivate and bring employees together. In this context, she especially remembers the last big VM conference, which she was allowed to organise in her function as Team Lead Global VM at Hugo Boss: “Once a year we invited all VM colleagues worldwide to a workshop and training in Metzingen. Creating a concept together with my team and my colleagues filled me with great joy. But most of all, I was pleased to see that the participants returned home to their countries motivated and satisfied, ready to tackle their local challenges and increase their VM skillset,” says the VM expert, who counts travelling and photography among her hobbies.

Challenges for the Luisa Cerano brand

Luisa Cerano’s great challenge is due to the fact that the company is 90% involved in wholesale business. “The Luisa Cerano brand has a very strong collection”, assures Eve Trautmann and adds: “Our aim is to present the collection in the best possible way at the POS. […] For me it is therefore important in the first step to develop tools that enable our partners to convey the message we want to send to our customers. With regard to the use of modern technology, she explains: “We don’t have many stand alone stores compared to our wholesale space. There is still room for improvement here in terms of digitalisation. But I don’t think that all the technologies that are currently out there are suitable for our brand. Therefore, it is important to consider carefully which technologies you want to use and what the appeal of analogue is.”

Of course, Luisa Cerano is also preparing for future challenges and is also relying on digital innovations. For example, the digital showroom Floor 21 was launched in the wake of the Corona Pandemic, and according to the Head of POS Marketing, it was “very well received by national and international customers”. “The collection presentation is now completely digital, and although it’s hard to imagine, we manage to make the collection itself experienceable on screen. In addition, from FS21 we have our VM Guidelines available digitally for the first time. Many partners are now converting their systems to apps, so I think the printed VM Guide will be history soon”.