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More turnover with marketing module for digital signage

Up to 60 percent of customers are open to impulse buying. This potential can be exploited at the PoS through a high-quality visual address. Event-linked advertising with digital displays and digital price labelling creates unexpected purchase incentives for the customer. Shop-IQ, a specialist in digital PoS marketing, now offers event-driven options for the bMarketing module in addition to time-based. The tool uses information from the in-store baking oven, the coffee machine, the cash register and merchandise management system or the counter scanner, links these to actions and presents them automatically on displays.

Event-driven advertising

Event-driven advertising creates an unexpected surprise moment for the customer that is linked to a positive experience. The coffee to go with a brownie, the menu in XL format or a voucher for the next purchase remain in good memory.

The marketing module of Shop-IQ is the web-based solution for the output of texts, photos and videos. Unlike conventional digital signage offerings, no additional hardware is required. This reduces the costs for installation and operation. The displays only need a power connection and an internet connection.

The content can be generated and set on a dashboard by the user. In addition, Shop-IQ offers professional content production and the integration of regional weather information and news from DER WELT (free of charge) and other content partners.


Article image: Event-driven presentations on PoS displays. Photo: Shop-IQ