Digital “Haunted House” of Hipanda in Tokio

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Street fashion brand Hipanda has opened its first Japanese store in Omotesando (Tokyo).

In Hipanda’s new flagship store, customers are sent on an exciting and spooky journey into a futuristic world. The responsible design studio Curiosity combines digital and analog design elements to create a unique and haunting retail experience.

When it comes to new designs and collections, the Chinese brand Hipanda likes to feed itself from the exciting and diverse world of the arts. A world full of boundless emotion and inspiration. The new store project in Tokyo’s Omotesando district now presents an exciting mix of art, fashion, technology and architecture and combines it into a unique overall experience full of visual highlights. Augmented reality, augmented experience, the latest technology and high-quality design in combination with breathtaking interior design.

A beautiful scary story

Inside the “haunted house” Hipanda sends its guests on an eerie search for the master of the house. In the course of the uncanny journey of discovery through the premises of the store, the invisible appears to the customers every now and then in various ways – sometimes digital, sometimes analog. The spookily staged brand story already begins outside the store, where the brand’s animated logo suddenly jumps out of the facade, effectively and unexpectedly.


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For the responsible design studio Curiosity, the challenge was to explore new retail worlds together with his client Hipanda and their street fashion products. The declared aim of the designers was nothing less than “to create an experience space that, beyond the boundaries of culture, age or gender, freely accessible and inspiring for everyone, redefines the expectations of the term retail experience.”

Photos: Satoshi Shigeta